Removing and Reinstalling the Front Seat Headrest

The front headrests on your vehicle are not adjustable and Tesla does not recommend removing them. However, if you must remove them, follow these steps to remove or replace the front headrests:

Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
There is a greater risk of injury in a collision without head restraints. Tesla does not recommend altering or removing the head restraints.

Removing the headrest:

  1. Tape a few long pieces of painter’s tape around the plastic seat back. The seat back may fall when the headrest is removed so ensure the tape secures the seat back to the seat.
  2. Press the seat down around the headrest posts. Each headrest post has a small metal clip located to the left.
  3. Using a pick or thin, blunt stick, push the clip to the left to unlatch the headrest from the seat.
    Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
    Handle the pick with care to avoid damaging the seat material.
  4. Upon unlocking the first post, place your hand underneath the headrest to prevent it from sinking and locking back into place.
  5. Unlatch the other headrest post from the seat.
  6. Lift the headrest out. You may need to lower or tilt the seat backward, while gently pressing on the seatback in case it becomes loose.

Reinstalling the headrest:

  1. Align the headrest posts with the openings on the top of the seat and slide them in. You may have to push the seat back forward because the clips in the seat back must also align with the head rest arms.
  2. Push the headrest down until secure. You may hear a click to indicate it is latched in place.