Removing and Installing Aero Covers

If your Model Y is equipped with aero covers, you must remove them to access the lug nuts.

To remove an aero cover:

  1. Grasp the aero cover firmly with both hands.
  2. Pull the aero cover toward you to release the retaining clips.
    Aero cover with arrow pointing away from tire

To install an aero cover:

  1. Align the aero cover with the valve stem.
  2. Firmly press the center of the cover to secure it in place, then work your way out to firmly pressing the outer perimeter of each spoke. You may need to hold onto the opposite side of the cover until all spokes are secured.
  3. Firmly press the center of the cap with your hands (do not hit the cover with your hands) to ensure it is secured.
  4. As a final check, quickly pull each spoke to confirm they are secured in place.
Aero cover's Tesla "T" aligned with tire's valve stem with an arrow pointing from the cover to the tire

For Gemini wheels, press on the perimeter of the cover until it aligns with the wheel surface. Press on the Tesla “T” in the center until the cap snaps into place. See for more information.

Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
To prevent the aero cover from falling off, ensure that it is fully secured before driving.