Removing Ice From Door Handle

In severe winter conditions, ice buildup within the door handle can prevent the door handle from opening. The process for freeing a Model Y door handle is slightly different than others to remove ice buildup.

Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
Preemptively applying WD-40 to the door handle pivot pins can help prevent ice buildup inside your door handle.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
Do not attempt to use tools or excessive force to release the door handle from ice buildup.

Perform the following to remove ice from the door handle:

Animation of the following process.
  1. Forcefully press the frontmost part of the door handle. It will rock slightly inward to help break the ice.
    Arrow pointing to the front of the door handle.
  2. Press the rearmost part of the door handle to try to open as you normally would.
  3. Once the door handle is able to move, open and close it a few more times to release any remaining ice buildup. Make sure the door handle is fully pressed in (retracted) prior to entering the vehicle, and check that the door is fully closed before driving away.