Charge Port Status Lights

Above the charge port, the charge port light shows charging status. The charge port light turns off after a short period of time if the vehicle is locked (for example, if you walk up to the vehicle after it has been charging for a while).

After you insert a charge cable into Cybertruck, wait a few seconds and confirm that the charge port light begins blinking green and that your vehicle is charging. If the light is amber or red, troubleshoot the issue before you leave to ensure a successful charging session.

WHITE: The charge port door is open. Cybertruck is ready to charge and the connector is not inserted, or the charge port latch is unlocked and the connector is ready to be removed.
BLUE, BLINKING: Cybertruck is communicating with the charger, but has not started charging yet (such as when your vehicle is preparing to charge).
BLUE: The charger is connected, but Cybertruck is not charging (such as when scheduled charging is active).
GREEN, BLINKING: Charging is in progress. As Cybertruck approaches a full charge, the frequency of the blinking slows.
GREEN, SOLID: Charging is complete.
AMBER, BLINKING: Cybertruck is charging at a reduced current because the connector is not fully plugged in.
AMBER, SOLID: Cybertruck is not charging because the connector is not fully plugged in. Realign the connector to the charge port and insert fully.
RED: A fault is detected and charging has stopped. Check the touchscreen for an alert. In some cases, an alert can be easily cleared by unplugging the charge cable, returning it to the charger, then trying again. In other cases (such as a tripped fuse or a faulty charger), you may need to check the power source. If the red light persists, try using a different charger.