Calibrating the Tonneau Cover

If the tonneau cover does not open or close as expected, perform the following:
  1. Make sure that Cybertruck is unlocked and in Park.
  2. Inspect the tracks to ensure there's no debris or object in the way of the tonneau cover.
    The cargo bed, with the tonneau cover tracks higlighted in blue
  3. Calibrate the tonneau cover:
    • Touch Calibrate on the touchscreen (on the exterior view of the vehicle, where you would normally touch to open or close the tonneau cover) and follow the onscreen instructions.
      Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
      The Calibrate option only appears on the touchscreen when the tonneau cover needs to be calibrated.
    • Or, to calibrate the tonneau cover manually: Press and hold the Open button (1) until the cover is fully open and wait for it to stall. Then, press and hold the Close button (2) until the cover is fully closed and stalled.
      Close-up of the tonneau open and tonneau close buttons, labeled 1 and 2, respectively

If the tonneau cover still does not function as expected, use the mobile app to schedule a Service appointment.