Programming Smart Garage Doors


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If equipped, Cybertruck can intelligently connect to your myQ® smart garage.

myQ is a smart garage control system that works seamlessly with Cybertruck, and allows you to remotely monitor and control your garage door from the vehicle's touchscreen or a paired phone. This is convenient if you forget to close your garage door, want to allow friends and family inside, or need to open and close it remotely (such as when receiving a package). By linking myQ with Cybertruck, the garage door can detect your vehicle nearby and automatically open or close to accommodate.

Follow these steps to set up myQ on your vehicle:

  1. Your garage door must be myQ compatible. Navigate to Controls > Garage icon. Use the myQ Compatibility tool ( to determine this.
  2. Ensure your garage is Wi-Fi compatible. myQ uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your smart phone and vehicle. Some garages will have a Wi-Fi or myQ symbol on the hub. Your garage must have a strong Wi-Fi signal to control and monitor your garage through your vehicle.
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    If your garage is not compatible, you may be able to purchase an external myQ hub to use this feature.
  3. Download the myQ app from your smart phone's app store. Use the app to set up your account information and pair the garage to your phone. myQ requires a paid subscription, which you can purchase in the app.
  4. Check that your vehicle is running the latest available software version and has Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.
  5. Navigate to Controls > Locks > myQ Connected Garage > Link Account and follow the instructions to pair the garage with Cybertruck. Once paired, monitoring and controlling the garage becomes available on the touchscreen, where you can further customize myQ.

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