Replacing the HEPA Filter

See Vehicle Service Intervals for information on when to change the HEPA filter.

To remove the HEPA filter:

  1. Turn the climate system off.
  2. Open the powered frunk.
  3. Use a trim tool to remove the access panel.
  4. Depress the upper clips and pivot the filter cover upward.
  5. Slide out the HEPA filter from the opening.
    Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
    Note the airflow direction for installation.
  1. Slide the new HEPA filter into the vehicle cavity with the arrows on the filter pointing up.
  2. Replace the HEPA filter cover by aligning the lower notches and pushing on the cover to secure the upper clips in place. You will hear and feel a "click" from the cover once secured.
  3. Reinstall the access panel, making sure the clips are secure.
  4. Close the powered front trunk.