Cleaning a Camera

To ensure a clear picture, the camera lens must be clean and free of obstructions, condensation, or damage.

Condensation can form inside the camera enclosures, especially if you park outside in cold or wet conditions. The touchscreen may display an alert stating that a camera is blocked and that some (or all) Autopilot features may be temporarily restricted until the camera vision is clear. To proactively dry the condensation, precondition the cabin by setting it to a warm temperature, turning the windshield defroster on, and directing the front air vents toward the door pillars.

Remove any build-up of dirt or debris by spraying water onto the camera lens and carefully drying it with a microfiber cloth. Clean the camera lens at least weekly during wet weather (snow, rain, sleet) and every month during dry weather.

The front-facing camera is equipped with a sprayer nozzle. To clean the front-facing camera, touch the App Launcher, select the Camera app, and press the spray icon.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
Do not use chemical-based or abrasive cleaners. Doing so can damage the surface of the lens.