Adjusting the Opening Height of the Tailgate

When carrying large or oversized items (such as bicycles or long planks of wood) in the cargo bed, it can be useful to keep the tailgate partially open.

The tailgate of your Cybertruck can be set to two different opening heights: Flat (default) or partially open.

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Tesla recommends two people to adjust the tailgate height: One person to support the tailgate while the other repositions the support cables.
  1. Open the tailgate.
  2. Partially lift the tailgate to to create slack in the the support cables.
  3. With the tailgate partially lifted, release the passenger side spring clip from its mounting bolt by pushing the clip upwards and then pulling it outwards.
  4. With the tailgate still lifted, secure the support cable to the other mounting bolt by pushing the spring clip onto the mounting bolt then sliding the clip downward.
  5. Repeat the steps above on the other support cable.
  6. Lower the tailgate fully, then gently pull downwards on it to ensure that both support cables are secure.
  7. Close the tailgate.